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Self Awareness 

Relationship Counselling

Self Worth 


How can counselling 

benefit my relationships?


The ancient practice of counselling is the simple act of offering a listening ear and a reflection of

wisdom to another.

Counselling offers people of all kinds, a safe space to

explore their thoughts and feelings, bringing a deeper level of

understanding to the issues and

obstacles they may be faced within their relationships, in life, on a daily basis.

Do you ever feel like

speaking to someone

confidentially, with an

open ear and heart?

Couples Counselling sessions with Kathryn, ignite self-awareness and support you to develop resourcefulness, connectivity and a more loving way to be in your relationship.




Kathryn assists people of all walks of life to explore their feelings and emotions.

Would you like to feel supported to bring a deeper level of understanding to the issues you may be faced with around, relationships, work or life?

Are you ready to make changes in your life and deepen your relationship with yourself and your true purpose? Do you need support with a loved one?

Offering Person-Centred Counselling, for Couple, Kathryn Fortuna offers a safe space to anyone wanting to develop a deeper relationship with the way they approach

and embrace life, love and their relationships. 





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