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Appreciation is acknowledging the depth of our grandness. It holds us firm when we wobble, it ignites the fire from within and it encourages true expression in every way. Appreciation confirms and celebrates our beauty as beings, erases jealousy, comparison and lack of self worth. It is the antidote to self doubt. Appreciation supports us in every relationship we have including self, family, community, nature, planet, stars & universe. It come in the form of movement, speech and embodiment and always starts energetically. Appreciating ourselves is not arrogant, nor is it selfish, conceited or vain. In fact, it is the opposite. Appreciation is confirming, caring, healthy and apart of our self responsibility as beings on this planet. When we appreciate ourselves, the body changes. It expands and feels more spacious. It opens up and allows the flow to begin. Our hearts open and it warms us up. It is made to share. Appreciation ignites the sparks within and its for all to feel and know and initiate in each other. We can appreciate our faces, bodies, voices, sense of humour, playfulness, wisdom, inner connection and ultimately, the deepest love within. We can appreciate our day to day livingness, including our rhythms and rituals, our cycles, our touch and our fluidity as beings in bodies. We can also appreciate our friendships and partners and families and colleagues and people in our day to day lives. We can layer it and grow it and deepen it and unfold it. Go further into the details and cycling around and around taking it to its next level. There is no end to the appreciation that we can feel in every cell of our bodies. Most of all, we can appreciate our inner essence which simply means us in our unique and treasured realness. Love Camp was seeded forth from the fact that the foundational strength that supports us to deepen our awareness of self and others is appreciation. No one knew how Love Camp would unfold. All we knew was that the push by 'Boot Camp' programs and the need to drive, achieve, win and exhaust ourselves was not the answer to feeling more connected to our bodies. In Love Camp we are already enough. In fact, we are more than enough. We are extraordinary. And we know deep inside that letting go of all the beliefs and patterns, images and pictures that have been running us, is a great way to re-turn to our true selves. The truth is that we must smash the image first to then start the return to true self care and love. SO where to begin? Appreciating yourself is like lighting the flame from the inside. Its warmth heats up your inner self, feels expansive and spreads like wildfire through your whole body and beyond. It offers a reflection to another and the more you hold still, the deeper the reflection is for those that are willing to feel. When it comes to the depth that we can go to with Love Camp there is no end... The consistency of the program, the exercises, the joy of seeing the beauty in another. The potential to unlock the star within us all is closer then we realise. We are the stars, that is what we are made of.

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