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Every day the earth makes one complete rotation on its axis and we call it tomorrow.​Therefore, tomorrow is today, tomorrow. You could say yesterday is the same. Again and again AND again we get a chance to start today AGAIN. There is no other day but the day we have today. We are not moving forward. We are not getting ahead or going somewhere further out there in the distance. We are revolving counterclockwise around the sun. The opposite to the very deceiving mechanisms of a clock. Therefore, we are not going forward we are RE-turning.

Every sunrise is simply the sun rising again. They may seem different due to the weather or the season but apart from that it is the cycle of the earth not the travelling.Therefore every single day we have the opportunity to evolve, knowing that there is no moving forward only returning to what we already are. We can take the simplest of activities, for example, taking a walk, and bring a deeper and richer quality to how we express this moment. The way we move in every detail may vary according to the weather, our thoughts and our interwoven connection with our body and the world.

Living each and every day choosing to deepen our relationship with today on earth is a blessing.So what does tomorrow bring? An opportunity to expand TODAY.

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