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The Bright Blue Sphere

Picture this. A bright blue sphere covered with many points of light frantically vibrating from point to point.

Like fire flies in fast forward this sphere is plagued with a feverish mass of energy. That mass of energy is US. Racing, speeding, moving to achieve, succeed, seek & try. We are try-hards. We try hard to win, prove and look for recognition. We try hard to be loved and desired. We try hard to be discovered and championed. With all of this need to be better, stronger, smarter and richer we have created a worldwide epidemic. That epidemic is exhaustion. Every morning we wake up exhausted. We prop ourselves up with caffeine, alcohol, drugs and anxiety to keep us moving like crazed fly flies. Our exhaustion affects the way we think, move, speak and feel. It effects the fundamental way we function and live. There is no love in exhaustion. Why are we so afraid to stop? What would happen if we slowed down? Stopped TRYING? Took a moment? Connected to our bodies? Are we afraid that if we stop we will no longer be useful or important or most of all loved? It is time to reconnect back to who we are and not what we do. It’s time to end the ‘human race’ and re-connect to the ‘human being’. Today when we step into the blue globe of fire flies we have a choice. We could carry on crazed and thirsty with an unquenchable desire to prove we are worthy or stop and re-connect back with our bodies and re-member that we are living in the body of God. There is no greater worthiness than that! So what will we choose? It only takes one fire fly to feel their own fire to start a flaming effect with all the others. Imagine one day the blue sphere may just look and feel like the fiery ball of pulsating love it truly is.

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