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Naturally True

Observing all of nature around us including every tree, blade of grass, every animal, every insect and all of the natural forms, including oceans and life in the sky, we see a gift from God. A gift that is beyond what we understand, as it's level of divine flow and order is so majestic it shows us a way that is alive, harmonious and true. For example, every tree and plant has a colour, shape, movement and life force unique to itself. Every animal has a unique character and beauty and purpose. All birds are representatives of the world’s multidimensionality in the skies. We have the oceans and their extraordinary creatures and the crust of earth and every worm and crawling critter. We have a tapestry of wonderment living all around us every single day. Really stopping and observing nature, we get to witness many systems and mini worlds all working uniquely together to form this massive life on earth It is beyond our comprehension as humans as to how much we can understand and fully appreciate the natural around us. Every day as you walk through a park or in the bush or pat the dog you can have a moment for what nature reflects to you. It speaks to you in volumes louder than any orchestra, it hums a tune of joy and absolute truth that we can be inspired by. Nature tells us we are deeply loved. We are Gods reflection and we are living miracles. Nature, in all its glory, can speak to us in symbols and signs. Allowing us to be communicated to through its movement and activity. When God speaks to us through a bird in flight we should listen. When God reflects to us through a green freshly cut lawn, we should liste

n and when God talks to us through the clouds in the sky and the fields of earth, grass, lakes and grazing kangaroos it’s time to listen and respond to what is being shared. Nature holds us when we are not feeling great. It brings us back to a sense of settlement within the body. Nature gives us a blessing in every way and does so consistently and beautifully whilst we travel along this path of life. It’s speaks and it educates us and we have been blessed. Nature gives us the space to awaken and feel the magnificence of who we truly are. Nature can clear the energy of humanity from a storm, to a bush fire, to a flood, to a global epidemic. Nature can remind us that we are fragile and sensitive and to live with respect and humility. Nature holds us through all of lives to support us to awaken and go home.

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