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I am a Bricky, are you?

Like Brick Layers of our own lives, we have a choice. To take one brick at a time, feel the humble quality of that brick and place it with great care and purpose at the very beginning. Then with every brick thereafter we place layer after layer in respect with all the others. Holding the structure firmly from ground up. Are the layers strong, purposeful and aligned? We know that the base of the structure must be solid to hold the life we build on top. This first layer is the foundation. The foundation must be strong, solid and aligned with all else to provide a full structure that can feel powerful, expansive and spacious. As brick layers of our own lives we have a responsibility. We can choose to be consistent and committed, feeling the impulse of every move and every moment or we can get distracted and forget the ‘master plan’ and the bricks are then placed without care or consideration. This then jeopardises the structure in every way. The structure cannot sustain itself without good foundations. The foundations provide a secure, trustworthy beginning. Choosing to build strong foundations is key to holding the life that we build on top with great honour and respect. We are the brick layers of our own lives. What will we choose?

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