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Apology Not Accepted

27/10/2015 by Kathryn Fortuna, Inner Image Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy”.  (Yves Saint Laurent) When I see your face… I see so much more than just your features. I see your past, your worries, your thoughts, your fragility and your innermost beauty. I see and feel a map of your life etched across your face. As a professional Makeup artist I have worked with faces for more than 25 years. The differences between them have been distinctive, yet I have loved every single one of them. When I see your face, I see and feel your eyes. Your windows, your truth and often your hiding. I also feel your sadness, joy and hurt and so much more… When I see your face, I see the Angel living inside. We all come in different forms and often the supposedly ‘plainest’ face can hold the most beautiful person beneath it. The classically beautiful face can sometimes hide a person who feels objectified, hurt and judged. When I look, I feel for your essence in there. Often over the years I have noticed that EVERYONE is beautiful when they smile from the deepest part of themselves… their soul… no matter what they look like. As an Inner Image consultant I have noticed that women will often apologise for how they look. They will sit down in front of me and say things like:

  • I am sorry I look a mess today.

  • I am sorry I am looking tired.

  • I am sorry I have no makeup on.

  • I am old and wrinkled, freckled, plain, tired etc.

  • I am asked: what can you do with this old face?

The younger ladies will often have layers of makeup on to hide behind or feel that they may be looked at in judgement from me… they apologise also. Well, I am here to say to you that your apology is not accepted. Because in truth, when you apologise, you are saying you are not good enough. Women have spent their lives rubbing, pinching, applying creams, makeup, lotions, facials, hair dying, surgery, the list goes on – to have a ‘beautiful’ face. We compare, compete and comply. With our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends.   “It’s an unspoken war on women, and we are the enemy”. We are taught from birth that if we look pretty, attractive and sexy according to society’s definition, that there lies the answer to a successful life. We are taught that we are better looking when we are young and as we age and wrinkle we lose this attractiveness. This is not true. 9 Reasons for Women to Smile

  1. Make no apology for how you look. Accept your own face the way it is. Without makeup.

  2. When you apply makeup – do it to celebrate your beautiful face, not to mask it.

  3. Know that you chose your looks for a reason.

  4. Start expressing your true thoughts about beauty with your friends – open up the opportunity to connect withOUT comparison.

  5. Accept your age, nationality and cultural features.

  6. See the Angel within you. Your face will begin to make loving sense.

  7. Smile your big smile from who you truly are and never apologise for being uniquely, strangely, oddly, classically beautiful.

  8. Inspire others to love their own reflection by accepting and loving your own first.

  9. Spend a moment each day looking deep into your own eyes – see your innermost beauty with love and self-acceptance.

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