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It’s no laughing matter.

It is a rainy, cold Friday night and I am sitting in the car waiting for my daughter to return from the store. I take this moment to ponder on these modern times and here is what I consider…

If they made a movie about the way we are living right now, it would 'bomb' due to unrealistic content and a ridiculous script. And yet, here we are.

15 ways COVID19 is impacting our lives.

1. Exposed.

COVID19 has us sporting a version of our own underwear on our faces. Go on, take a look around and you can see every single style and colour of face masks worn, to mankind. Basic, hand made, designer, delicate, scary and downright ridiculous. We are all sporting a spectrum of masks that any savvy thief or doctor in surgery, would be proud of.

2. Fog Face.

Steamy glasses has become the normal for those of us needing eye wear in these trying times on earth. The opaque, glass wear does not work whilst driving and speaking to the boss.

3. Bare Faced.

Showing a bare face will feel like streaking naked soon. We will only witness a nude face in a zoom call and have to adjust to the mouth and nose being areas of the face that move and express.

4. Just stop it.

There was a joke around awhile back about the fact that wearing the mask is not to protect us from the virus but is to now stop us from eating. But really, with all this home cooking and burying our emotions and medicating ourselves with food, it is like we simply can not stop this culinary sport. This is ironic as the one area we need to get to, the mouth, is now the area that has been officially blocked. Taking that mask on and off can be a drag when you have a nut habit. Perhaps it is also any opportunity to talk less and listen more?

5. Excuse me?

It is now near impossible to understand what people are saying through their masks. We now all have muffled voices, having lost all sense of voice projection and we have to speak at an uncomfortably loud volume and pronounce our words a little more correctly through the 3 layers of cotton.

6. The Windows

There is a tendency to be anxious when wearing a mask on your face. Plus the fact that we are all forced to hide in our homes due to a viral pandemic. So, when we are out and about at the petrol station or supermarket you will observe the stress and budging affect of the eyes on passers by. If the eyes are our windows to the soul, then the soul is being overthrown by a spiked nervous system. Time to settle back into the body and soft gaze, we are all sensitive beings.

7. Stranger Danger

Walking in the street and having people look like they are about to rob a bank whilst walking towards you, is not exactly that easy to handle. Especially in the colder climates where people wear a hat scarf, mask and glasses. Having someone say hello and having no idea if you know them or not, is not an unusual occurrence. Reading people from behind masks is our new super power.

8. Corona

Have you washed your hands? This should be a hash tag and furthermore an innocent sneeze is now captioned with a loud ‘corona’ call out instead of ‘bless you’. No. No. It’s not a laughing matter and yet it is worse than the black plague.

9. Wrist Action

Pumping hand sanitiser on every part of hands and our limbs seems to be how we enter a room now. We are developing OCD with every metal surface and find ourselves looking at peoples phones and metal door handles with distain and fear.

10. Kiss Me Baby

Forget it. No more pecks on the cheek, French two cheek air kisses, cheek touches or just good old lip smackers, it is now an elbow high five. I. mean. really? Gosh, touching each other just got so very very last year. And lipstick? Nope. Can’t wear it and can’t see it.

11. The Ear Curl.

Are you for real? Who has sore ears from the mask curling up around their ears? Elastic hurts doesn't it and gives you an unwanted ear lift.

12. Puffed.

It is not easy to walk up a hill in a mask. The breath is laboured and there is not fresh oxygen coming in. We end up panting and passing out from breathlessness.

13. The Return.

Coming home to a safe and warm space can be such a beautiful thing. These days though, we are met at the door with a clothing removal routine, hand sanitiser, a temperature check and of course a head to toe scan from your children, checking to see if ‘you saw anyone today’.

14. The Truth.

If you get triggered by lies or inequality than you must be a ticking time bomb!

We have a pandemic ruling our world right now and its crazier than a bad movie.

We have no consistency with rules and protocol around keeping us safe and since when does a virus know if you are a teen or an adult? We are never reminded to boost the immune system and that a virus represents our levels of disregard. It is beyond insanity to know that we have people committing suicide and family violence through the roof tops of our suburban homes and yet we only hear of COVID19.

What is really going on? Are we missing something?

A virus that stops life in its tracks and asks us to reset, reboot and review. It

is called 'playing dirty' but we sure know how to flip and spin it. Love always wins.

15. Stay Safe

So today, before your feet touch the bedroom floor, take a moment to appreciate who you are, all that you are and have and the magic of being in the situation you are in right this moment. It may be hard. It is hard. We are all in this together and it is a pandemic. But what if the situation you are in is asking you to dig deeper and connect to a part of you that lays dormant? Perhaps connecting to the real, amazingly magnificent you that has been hiding or resisting living in your truth? Trust that this situation is for you to observe now and draw upon like never before. Feel 'safe' in knowing that you are deeply loved and...

Mask up, get up and show up. You are needed.

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