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Oh. My. God.

Oh my God | Good God | Goddess | Gosh | Oh. My. Goodness...

7 reasons why we know God exists.

1. Evidence Based Data ~ The beauty all around us.

Let’s face it. The world is a magnificent place and the undeniable details and rhythms and flow that exists in every way with life, nature, plants and animals are surely a sign that we have been gifted a very beautiful world to live in. Could it be that God works through the living beings of this planet and when we tune in, we can feel the signs and gather a deeper connection to the magic of God?

2. Spoiler

There are over 4300 religions in the world. Most of these religions have robbed us of a natural relationship we may have with God. This is due to dogma, rules and a perception that God somehow dominates us. But to resent God and then react to this, surely we must have a sense of God? No wonder people say that they don’t ‘believe’ in the fabricated God that is the old bearded man, known to judge and persecute. This perception of God is what makes an atheist sceptical. Without the stories and pictures we have around God, we would have a more pure sense of this being that we have been connected to from birth and before.

What if God was not portrayed as a pompous, mighty, supreme

being and was not offered to us through a man made religion,

but instead we connected to God through the love

that we felt deep within, then wouldn’t

he/she feel more relatable?

3. Damn you.

We are so quick to blame aren’t we? We live day to day enjoying what we feel we deserve but when something happens that feels ‘unfair’ we blame God. We blame God for incidents, accidents, illness and disease and anything we feel is ‘unlucky’. We blame God for all the hardship in the world. We blame God for the way the world feels but we don’t take responsibility in creating the issues ourselves. God didn’t make the world a mess, we did. Free will its called. We say we don’t believe in God but we hold God to ransom and keep our distance for fear of being hurt. If we blame God then we are not taking responsibility for our own choices. God is our scapegoat.

4. Birth & Death

We have a deep connection with God in times of birth and death that is undeniable. It can be felt in the joy of looking into the eyes of a newborn and in the sweet sorrow of feeling the spirit of a loved one, move on from its body and fill a room with love, to then go on to another realm.

5. This we know.

God is love and love is God. It’s not heavy and hard to understand God. God holds us all within his stupendous sphere and we are a reflection of him. God is not a frightening being that makes the rules and judges, we do that as human beings that have forgotten who we truly are... God holds us all as equal and simply emanates a love that we are bathed in continually, if only we would give up the fight to be so separate to his majestic presence.

We live in the particles of God.

We also fight this to stay individual.

When we heal our hurts, we heal our separation from God.

6. Oh. My. God.

Maybe developing a relationship with God is easy? Perhaps it is time to give up the fight. The fight to be cool and hard and a know-it-all. Give up the need to be a high achiever and the one that is the best. We are all the best, the grandest, the greatest, living our lives at different stages, we are all the one, flowing in the body of God. Not an old man, but rather a holding, eternal being that loves us all beyond words. Make friends with God? Why not. It may support you to feel less lonely and more connected with the universe, that can’t be a bad thing, now can it?

7. Permission granted.

When we choose to reconnect back to God through our own hearts, we can feel a settlement in the body, an ease in our movements. We can see God in others too, even when they may be hiding.

Let's give ourselves permission to re-connect with God. What have we got to lose, except for our lack of purpose and loneliness? God is felt in a warm smile, a connection with another, our silent moments with nature and the deep blue, sparkly, endless night sky. No need for a big building with all the trimmings. God doesn’t have to be a big scary old man, God is our connection to home and in our hearts, eyes and lives every single day.

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