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Order & Flow ~ within you and your home.

The magic of order and flow is something that is undeniable. We only have to take a look at nature and the delicate beauty of a birds nest or the intricate details of a spiders web to appreciate the combination of both beauty and function when it comes to the order in nature.

So let's reflect on our own natural order for a moment. In our day to day lives we have the most majestic order taking place within us every single moment. The order of the body. The body has an order and flow that is beyond comprehension, the systems and muscles, bones and fluids all working as one to support us, the being within, to move and live in a harmonious state. When we are unwell or have dis-ease, our bodies can feel the disorder within and it is for us to restore the order within to then feel balanced and vital.

The order and harmony within, is reflected in our outer world.

Are we clear, loving, open to expansion and evolution?

Are we honest, willing to heal and take responsibility for our

own choices all along the way?

Are we willing to discard what is not true and to deepen

and to connect with what is?

It is only fair to say that, when our world around us is in dis-order the flow and fluidity of the space is compromised. Take our homes, for example. What does your living space say about you? Are you dis-organised, racing against time, living in a mess, unsure about your future? Or are you spacious, clear and prepared for the day ahead?

Let's take a look at the 10 golden steps to reclaiming the order back into your life.

1. Clean and Clear

Cleaning and tidying are not the same thing. When we say we are heading home to clean the bedroom do we mean, make the bed and place clothes away or get out the duster and wipe down the benches? The difference is that cleaning requires a space that is free of clutter and tidying is all about placement and everything having a home within the home. This is where we can get unravelled. Let's take a look at our overall space and what we choose to live in.

2. Discard

Do you own items that you do not totally love? Do you have hand-me-downs that someone else has given you or gifts you don't like or use? Like your old ideals, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, these things are weighing you down. Do you have old clothes that you will never where and kitchen items that you don't even know how to use? What about old cards, papers, photos? Discarding items and possessions can be a hard task and taking the time to let go of all that no longer serves you, is so mighty powerful. Take a moment. Wander from room to room and look around..... How much of what you have has to go?

Time to do a review.

3. Declutter

Thinking is overrated and can clutter the mind, keeping you from the present moment, so too can a cluttered home filled with objects and things. If every single item in your home is a reflection of you, then what is your story? This is your expression, your connection to the outer world. Do these items represent you? Do you need them? Do you have a space for them?

Be willing to turn on every light and lift every lid. Healing is vital and honesty is key.

This is you being responsible for your life and your relationship

with yourself, others and objects.

Start in one room or even one draw and begin to look at and hold each and every item. One by one. Better still, be prepared to pull everything out of that space to see it outside of its position. You may need a heap of boxes here, you will be surprised at how much may need to be thrown away or sent to the op shop. To support you ask yourself...

  • Do I love this item?

  • Does it represent me?

  • Have I outgrown it?

  • Do I need it?

  • If not....Let it go. Detachment is key to being more loving.

4. A place for everything

In order to truly feel the magic and flow in your home, each item that lives there must have a place to live. A container, a compartment, a shelf, a drawer. Just like you and your essence, all items in your home are loved and valued when they are met with strong foundations, respect and decency. Are you celebrating your presence in this world? Are you open, connected and engaged with humanity? Where is your place on this planet? If it doesn't have a place to live, it will float and create a disruption to the order and flow of your life. On a fabulously practical note, using compartment containers can help keep items contained and separated.

5. Precious you

Often we keep valuable items in cupboards or the garage, away from our day to day lives and we wonder why? The items that you do hold precious should be treated in a way that honours them and honours you. Is it an item of clothing? Is it a wedding album? Take it out, look at it, review its value and give it a place of honour and respect. Or at least place it lovingly in a box that can be accessed when required. You are precious and there is nothing in this world more valuable. Appreciate your unique beauty and live in a way that demonstrates this every single day.

6. Space

The flow and movement of your body and your home will depend on the use of space. Space is not empty. Space is filled with love. Enjoy it! The more spacious you are, the more space you allow for others to feel safe and loved. Taking care of the angles and positioning of furniture and objects in the home makes a huge difference to the flow and magic of the home. Be abundant in your positioning. See the space as a whole area. Claim the space. Balance it with the placement of items. This is an ongoing exercise and to always be reviewed. Don't be afraid to change it up occasionally. You will fire up the furniture and get a different perspective on life. Adaptability is key.

7. Close the Circle

How do I keep the space in order? The key is completing the task, whatever it may be. Take an item of clothing off? Place it in the laundry basket or back on the hanger. Cooking a meal? Clean as you go and complete the movements before leaving the kitchen. Every single time you open the circle, close it. The more you practise this, the more enjoyable it is to feel the completion of a task and the expansion that is offered in the next movement. In the same way, make a promise? Keep it. Make a time? Keep it. Be consistent, trustworthy and reliable. This is your word we are talking about here, ladies and gentlemen. Close the space and feel the expansion.

8. Maintain your flow

You have your own unique way of moving within your home. The mood you are in, whether it be joy, frustration or rushed is carried throughout your space when you move in it, like the wake behind a boat. Staying present and deeply connected to you body when you clean, tidy, prepare, make or move within your home offers your space an energetic recharge, just like you! Be responsible for your movements and feel the love that you make in the smallest of details and the joy of the fluidity in the body.

9.Movement Within

So what is felt deep within, is reflected in the way we live. Every particle of your being is magnificent and Divinely precious beyond words. So than, the movements within your physical body will be reflected in your home. Enjoy your internal space and your external living space. Keep it simple and clear and ordered. Pay attention to the smells, textures, angles, colours and order. See each day as a new opportunity to take your standards to the next level.

10. Expand

Your home represents you and your life. In fact, so does your car and your work space. The more you love yourself and get clear and honest about the priorities you feel are true for you in life, the more you will love and honour the space you live in. The day to dayness of your life is what you have to work with. Thats where you will find settlement. It's a gift to be organised and orderly, it honours your body and soul. Appreciation is key when it comes to maintaining your living areas both within and without.

So today when you take yourself out into the world, having left your space in a beautiful and clear condition, know that the order and flow in your life represents your willingness to be accountable, responsible and a precious part of humanity. And one day when you return... wow, you will walk back into all the love that you left.

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