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Raising Children

You get a 9 month head start. Space to prepare your body and deepen the quality of your state of being. Time to clear and nurture the body (morning sickness) and to prepare yourself for the physical part of birthing the child. It's not about you anymore. It is the start of the process of raising the child.

The physical act of birthing the child is no holiday. Although the rumours would have it that its living hell. It's far from that. You have an opportunity to hold steady, allow the waves of contractions to occur and feel the undeniable fact that like a train makes its way through a long tunnel, to the light, so does the birth of the child.

At that precise moment of birth, it could be said that you feel for the first time the inequitable fact that you are indeed a vessel. Whether the journey be long, short, challenging or easy it is shared by you the holder and the child, the held. You are the gateway for that soul to enter earth in a physical body. The baby is born. What a miracle.

When the baby is born you can choose to realise a couple of things. You do not own that little creature. They are their own person. You have merely been the carrier and this humbling fact can stop you in your tracks.

These little power packs of love are surprisingly strong and full bodied. With a set of lungs like an opera singer, they have no issue using, (past life career choice?) and a robust body that is warm and solid, it's always a surprise to hold them and sense their journey from the stars into creation.

The elderly lady, the little old man, you can feel the essence of that little being, immediately. It is like they enter earth with every single thing intact. Some smoothly, others not so much. Some with issues from the past, bringing complications to the birth, others not, therefore their transition is easy. Each one's flavour is there to feel and celebrate. Every soul and essence of the being already complete and nothing to fix.

Then comes the fun part, raising the child.

Six fun facts about raising a child.

1. Oh so cute.

The child is not a child. Take a long loving look into the eyes of a child and what do you feel? A full adult being, gazing back at you. The wisdom and depth of the child's eyes gives it all away. So therefore, why do we treat children like they know nothing? Why do we speak to them like they are completely clueless? What do we get out of making them mindless until we somehow 'teach' them all they will know? We do not own our children. In fact, it could be said that they own us!

Take great care, when spending time with children, to see them as a full bodied soul in a little body, in a process of growing. Don't be tricked or manipulated into feeling greater or less than a child. You are working with a wilful 'being in a bonnet' and they are outsmarting you if you are not aware of the arrangement or agreement you have both made.

2. Oh so smart.

You, the adult, do not 'know' more than the child. You have merely been here, this time around a little longer so therefore you have had more time to make more mistakes and get into more complicated situations. The child, given the space, will show their innate wisdom through their sensitivity and awareness of life around them. Yes you may be capable of physically doing things more than that little cute short thing, but they are simply contained in a smaller body, for now. Therefore, speak to them with absolute respect and equalness. Refrain from belittling baby talk and patronising well wishing. Know that they are wise beings and allow them the grace of time and space to unfold what it is they are here to bring.

3. From the mouths of babes.

The child, as the adult soul, should be allowed the space to communicate, express and unfold. They have an understanding of who they are, give them room to communicate this and be seen. Give them the space to teach you a thing or two! You only need to listen to Miss 3 to know that the universe is speaking through her. The more you listen, the more she speaks volumes of wisdom. Listening is a delicate art that should be mastered as soon as possible. It will support you to listen to your body, your heart and your soul. Once you learn to listen to yourself, then you can listen to others. That way, Miss 3 has more of a chance of being heard, understood and celebrated for being who she truly is.

4. Poor me, poor you.

Don't ever think they, the children, don't know what they are doing. We are sensitive, magnificent beings from galaxies far far away, visiting earth right now and whether we align to a life of complexity or a charmed life of love, it's our own unique story. Children are never to be sympathised with, on any level. In fact, neither are the adults. Bring all your love and understanding to them but do not feel sorry for what they choose. They know and so do you. The less sympathy you have for you and for them, the more opportunity to heal and expand.

5. Raise the child.

Raise them.

This means exactly that.

Lift the child up to their

deepest connection of who they are.

Pull them up to align to what is true.

Awaken them to being the magnificent soul

they already are.

Don't patronise or 'teach' the child what they innately know within. Cultivate the wisdom within to be felt and shared. We as the parents and the villagers of our children's tribe, are to offer them the space and understanding to tap into who they are. Who are they? Children are complete and whole adult souls living in little bodies. Raise them to know who they are. Raise them to be who they already are. Raise them up to heal and discard what is not true and what is no longer suitable. That way, all that is true and divine will be revealed, like the pure lotus flower from the muddy waters of the pond below.

6. Raise your inner child.

You are key to the raising of the child. Have you been raised to be who you truly are? If not, get cracking. It's a DIY process. You need to heal and evolve to then support your child and the children of this world to do the same.

If you do not raise yourself, you may suppress them,

hold them down, be jealous of their light,

enable them and disable them, making them

your own project to fill an emptiness or a need.

If you don't raise them, they still may heal, if they choose, but why not do it together? You see, we are all in this together and when we get the powerful blessing of being a parent or having children in our lives, whether it be through parenting or teaching or as a community member, we get an opportunity to deepen our understanding of who we truly are.

As babies we are perfect packages from birth, with nothing to fix or do but to be raised up into the magnificent beings we always were.

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