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The Heart Voice ~ Love speaks volumes.

When the children were small I would observe them and the way they expressed themselves in every way. I would notice the way they moved and interacted with the world and even the way they communicated with their voices.

The Head Voice

Occasionally I would notice something different about the way the children spoke. It was the way they used their voices. I noticed that they spoke with two distinctly different sounding voices. One was beautiful, rich, and easy to listen to and the other not so much. We named the two voices. The ‘heart voice’ and the ‘head voice’. The ‘head voice’ was a high pitched voice that sounded empty and thin. It seemed to come from the throat. We would use our ‘head voice’ if we were wanting something, upset, annoyed or in a rush. It would be heard if we were excited, emotional or even tired. Perhaps in a disagreement even. We would know the one. It was hard to listen to and could be harsh, cutting and often not effective when it came to communicating what was needed. There was no love in the ‘head voice’.

The Heart Voice

The ‘heart voice’, on the other hand, was full, deep and connected. We would often notice that when were re-connected to our bodies and steadied ourselves after using the disconnected ‘head voice’ the ‘heart voice’ would feel so much better and we would be felt and heard with clarity.

Our voices speak volumes. Literally. Funny isn’t it? But it’s true. Our voices tell us a lot about ourselves and the true state of our well-being and vitality. If you listen to people’s voices you will start to pick up more information than you first thought possible. You will feel if they are unwell, tired, sore, closed off, open, shut down, anxious and the list goes on. In fact, babies in utero not only know their mother’s voices, they know everything about their wellbeing. The voice cannot lie.

Our voice is like a vibrational sound map

navigating everything about and beyond us

from deep within our bodies.

We are a vessel for sound.

If the vessel is open, clear, and loving then

the sound is clear and loving.

If the vessel is congested, dense, and unclear than

the sound will be distorted and unclear.

Sounds simple really doesn’t it?

Speak up.

What does your voice say about you? Your voice has a distinct sound and can reflect your mood or even change your mood. In fact, it can influence the whole mood of the group. Your voice can soothe or agitate. Command or condemn. Your voice may be high pitched and winey or deep and dank. It may be smooth and easy on the ear or harsh and hard. Your voice carries the energy that you are choosing to be in.

Did you know that the way you hear your own voice is never the way it actually sounds to others? To you, it is different because you are hearing it in your own head. Your voice has a distinct flavour, with an accent and a melody that weaves into the way you speak. It may raise and fall or incline or decline at the end of a sentence. You may have a slight lisp, stutter, or click. You may be softly spoken or strong and clear. You may pronounce your words with a clear crisp finish or you may mumble and be lazy with their endings. However you use your voice …your voice is distinctly yours.

Your voice is a precious vibrational instrument. To power your instrument, you must first connect to your own essence, or the deepest part of you, and breathe. So, therefore, it makes sense that when you are centred, calm and connected to your body, and your breathe is gentle, your voice that is breathed forth will be harmonious. Speaking with love is a full bodied experience.

A divine tool.

The more in harmony you are with your physical body, the more your voice will be even, smooth and soothing. Your voice will resonate with a quality that is purposeful and uncomplicated. Your voice will deliver you and all that you bring with you. Your voice is a powerful tool and has the ability to heal or harm. It’s your choice.

You are a living being and your voice carries all the light,

love and life that you are. When your voice is connected

with your heart, body and your movements it is like

a wash of love for you and all that you connect with.

Your voice represents your feelings, thoughts, energetic quality and power. It is has a flavour and distinct resonance that can be known and understood. Your voice cannot lie. It exposes your worries and emotional status and quite frankly it reflects your health.

Sounds Spacious.

Your voice carries your connection to the universe. Your past, present and future, your words and wisdom are all felt in your voice. So are your insecurities and your solidness and everything in between. In every sentence, song and syllable your voice carries all of your and what your represent..

So then do we have a responsibility with the way we speak and sound? Does it make a difference to us and others if we are in our ‘head voice’ or ‘heart’s voice’? Absolutely. When we choose to deeply care for our bodies and therefore connect to the healing qualities of our ‘heart’s voice’ we communicate and in turn express with love. And when we express with love the whole world benefits.

The Healing Voice.

Oh and one more final word. When you are in your heart voice the words you choose will reflect this. They will be purposeful and usually you will feel to use them in a way that is loving, inclusive and uniting. Your relationships will grow beyond anything you could imagine when you choose to use your heart voice. Your words will reflect the quality you are in and the energy you are in will reflect your words. Your voice will deliver alchemy, the ability to heal.

Have you ever wondered why the word ‘hear’ is in heart? Well, now you know. The heart voice is the voice we can express from to truly hear.

So before you speak today take a breath and ask yourself ‘Am I connecting to my heart voice?’ And if not… then deeply surrender into your body to re-connect.

Because remember… every single word, sigh, sound and song that you share has a quality, a vibration. Your voice is your calling card. And if you so choose, your voice will express the depth of love that you are and have always been.

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