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The Magic of Movement

We are living in a body. In that body we have a world of perpetual motion. Heart, lungs, blood, connective tissue, lymphatics, muscles, bones and more.

All of the body is made to move constantly from birth until death. The body dies, not the being within. The motion of the body exists as long as the being in the body resides there.

The movement of our bodies is aligned to a rhythm and the beat of the heart pulsating all the blood through us from top to toe.

We are living bodies of love.

When we are aligned with the divine,

we move to the beat of the soul.

When we are still, we can feel the movement of the body within and it feels exquisite. There is a a pool of stillness deep within that is never ending and yet the movement of the body continues throughout the day.

When we move the body, we are moving the being within. The being has a place to live and express from that makes having a body as a vehicle of expression, a very powerful thing.

When we have a body, we have a tool to express and communicate through, in this plane of life. We have a home that connects us to our true home and this is our connection with the worlds above and beyond.

The way that we move our body can bring great joy. When we are connected to it, it can feel light and fluid and silky. It has a way of lifting and dipping and twisting that feels magnificent when we are aligned to our purpose. The joy of movement can be found in the way we walk and talk, to the way we blink our eyes and swallow. Every little movement a way of expressing the angelic being within.

Moving through life is a powerful and playful experience and having a body that feels light and healthy is important. It is truly beautiful to appreciate the strength of our body and the flow of its movements .

The movements within the body can be delicate and precise when we are connected to what is true. When we are disconnected, the movements become sharp, harsh and rushed. The difference is apparent and feels awful.

Life is a movement. Moving through life with love in our bodies makes the heart sing and walking every step knowing that we are here to be loving, open beings, with work to be done, is the most glorious way to live life day to day.

The body is the instrument and the movements are the song of divinity.

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