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The Mask

Around the world masks have been used for rituals and ceremonies for more than 9,000 years. The Mask would often represent a cultures spirituality, supernatural beings, ancestors, war, theatre, protection, intimidation and beauty.

Today around the world we are using masks to protect ourselves from a pandemic called COVID19. We are adjusting to this slowly, learning to read each others eyes, no longer able to see the full facial expression. Many are choosing to withdraw into a shield of fabric that has us shutting down and disconnecting or on the other hand, settling into our bodies a little more, depending on what we align to.

The truth is that we are all wearing masks and have done so since the beginning of time. This mask we wear has got as many looks and layers as people we have on Planet Earth. The mask is worn when we think we need it the most. It is worn when we feel we are threatened or need protection. The mask is worn to stop others infecting us, harming us and putting us in an uncomfortable position.

This is not a cloth mask; this is an energetic mask.

This mask that we wear is of course protecting us from an issue

more threatening than any virus we may ever contract, our fear of intimacy.

Why are we so afraid to be open and transparent? Why do we fear to show people how we truly feel? Will they judge? Will they see that we are not being real or truthful?

3 reasons to wear a mask

1. To avoid being exposed.

No one wants to be seen as the fake. No one wants to be known as the one who has not got their life together. As the fraud, as the failure. With the mask we can stay under the radar and be seen as good, nice, well meaning, on, managing and a success in the world of achievements and illusions. The face can seem smiling and friendly, but the truth is in the eyes.

2. To protect ourselves from being hurt

Are you guarded? The hurt that we feel is so hidden that we sometimes we cannot even access it. Hurt from being unloved or not cared for but the most painful hurts come from the fact that we have left ourselves, abandoned our purpose and let go of all that is truth and sacred. The protection we hide behind actually hurts. It keeps us playing small and staying dull. It makes us hard and closes our hearts down to neither receive nor be the love that we so naturally are.

3. To withdraw and disconnect

To remain disconnected from who we are allows us the cold luxury of being unobtainable and out of reach. This type of withdrawal is what keeps us in our own ice prison, never truly connecting to others and yet feeling the pain of the disconnection from our own soul.

3 reasons to remove the mask.

1. To be true

There is only one truth. Not many different truths for many different people. This one unified truth is what makes us feel settled and still in our bodies. It is the ultimate freedom and it is the way of the future.

When we are open and honest and truthful we drop the armour and allow the exquisite beauty of intimacy to be felt. Being intimate is being connected and present and open, appreciative and real. Being intimate is actually being you.

2. Transparent

Is it time to be see-through? What have you got to loose? Showing the world who you truly are takes courage. Courage to be open, vulnerable, delicate, fragile and awake. Powerful. Being willing to be completely real takes a certain level of commitment and responsibility that says we are at one with the universe. Letting it all unravel and healing our hurts, is why we are here. When we are transparent we can see right through the being into the majesty of God, the stars and the universe.

3. To be truly seen and deeply connected

It is time to shine. And that is not just a catch phrase - hiding and playing dull, actually hurts the body. To conceal the magnificence that we are contracts the body and leaves us feeling dull and small. When we shine we stay deeply connected to all others and we live in the ebb and flow of the universe. We are heavenly beings all with Divine purpose and the way we move in this world matters. Turn it up.

Today when you start the day fresh, placing that cloth mask over your mouth and nose, be willing to let the energetic mask down and to be seen for who you truly are. With or without your smile, maybe delicate, probably sensitive, whatever you are feeling in the moment. Be in your power and show us the deeply divine being you truly are. And do not think you don't make a difference. You can see it in your eyes. You in your cloth mask, unmasked and transparent, are a shining star.

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