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Relationship Counselling

"Since our sessions with Kathryn, I have been able to see my part in things and unlock some old patterns that were getting in the way of my relationship. Since taking ownership of my own stuff I have been able to connect more deeply with my partner." ~ WF

​Individual Counselling...
Kathryn embodies and exudes a 'quality' that is truly inspiring. It's a connectedness, a joy and a 'realness'. 

Sitting down to chat with her at the beginning of a session feels like sitting down with an old friend that you've known for years. She has an innate ability to connect, is highly intuitive and creates such a loving and supportive space.
I feel that she sees the light, beauty and power in all of us, and reflects that back for us to see this in ourselves. The treatments that I've had with Kathryn have been so incredibly powerful, everything that I've been willing to nominate and let go of has shifted for me immediately during a session. 
I can't recommend her treatments enough for anyone who is ready to be more of themselves and let go of patterns etc that are getting in the way of this.'

~ A.G ~ Singing teacher/performer

The Program....

'Love Camp was something I did for me. There were no fluffy trimmings, no looking outside of myself, it was a real process of rediscovering me.
The love and support Kathryn holds you in is truly amazing, not once did I feel judged and therefore I was able to be so open and honest like never before which I have now allowed myself to be with in everyday life.
The program is simple and practical; for me, it was all about getting rid of the negative comments, ideals/beliefs and replacing my body full of love and appreciation.
It's all a work in progress but since finishing the program I have been able to journal, appreciate myself and others, not be as hard and judgemental on myself and enjoy being me and for that I will be forever grateful for Kathryn and what Love Camp bought to my life'
~ C J~ Melbourne Midwife

​Participating in Kathryn's Love Camp programs has given me a deeper understanding of the qualities that are naturally part of who I am.
With Kathryn's support I have changed the way I see myself by bringing in a sense of appreciation and this has allowed me to engage and interact with people, work and life in a more meaningful and purposeful way.
A totally enriching Love Camp experience which is truly recommended.  

                                       MF ~ Teacher 

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