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Ready for change?

Forget Boot Camp
Love Camp

Simple, personalised, stage by stage Appreciation & Wellbeing Programs designed to ignite your Relationship.

"Since our sessions with Kathryn, I have been able to see my part in things and unlock some old patterns that were getting in the way of my relationship. Since taking ownership of my own stuff I have been able to connect more deeply with my partner."



The Love Camp Programs are simple and easy step by step sessions designed to support you to deepen and enrich
your care and love for yourself and your loved ones..
Addressing anxiety, confidence, self-worth, relationships & life.
In a world which is often in opposition to our natural expression, Love Camp private sessions & group work supports you to develop the tools to bring the true and amazing you out, in your relationships, with yourself, at work and at home.
"Participating in Kathryn's Love Camp programs has given me a deeper understanding of the qualities that are naturally part of who I am. With Kathryn's support I have changed the way I see myself by bringing in a sense of appreciation and this has allowed me to engage and interact with people, work and life in a more meaningful and purposeful way. A totally enriching Love Camp experience which is truly recommended." MF. 
Are you ready to completely love your partner and your life?
Delivered online or face to face.
Choose one or all of the stages.
You are in charge and Kathryn supports you all the way. 
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Love Camp 
Founder & Facilitator

Kathryn’s wisdom and practical tools for life are rich, varied and far-reaching. Working as a Strength-based/Soul Centred Counsellor and Mentor she has a deep and committed purpose to life and that is to support people to re-connect to their inner essence.   


With extensive experience working in the industries of Mental Health, Beauty, Well-being, Education and Disability, Kathryn has all areas covered when it comes to health, wellness and wisdom when supporting women, men, children and teenagers to build their confidence and self-worth.


Kathryn runs supportive self-appreciation programs for individuals and groups including ‘Love Camp’ Love Camp ~ TEAM & The Well Being that encourage people to build inner confidence and enjoy their lives on a deeper level, feeling completely empowered and free to be themselves.. 


Kathryn is sensitive, connected, wise, playful, loving & deeply appreciative. She lives with her family in Victoria, Australia and works globally.


"Kathryn is like no other, so present, so welcoming, so fun and holding of a space that allows you to be you!" 

Claire, Melbourne

Love Camp has been truly transformational. 
Sarah ~ Switzerland

'Jules really brings the love to love camp' 
~ A. Melbourne

Thank you for the integrity you both brought to the group.

What a gorgeous ensemble of people we all make. 

Because of Love Camp I hold an entirely new understanding of the power of appreciation. 

 Lisa ~ Melbourne

Fire up & be YOU!

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