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Change is as good as a holiday they say. Or could change be so much better? We all change. Whether we like it or not every cell and every part of life is in constant movement and change. The beat of our hearts. The turning of the tide. The sun, moon and stars. The weather. The ebb and flow of all of nature. We are guaranteed change at every breath of our lives. The way we move throughout the day is governed by our alignment to either one of the energies we can choose and so change can occur in every second. We are not static and we are made of particles and all of this is forever expanding. With change we have opportunities to expand and evolve. Even if we do not choose these we still get taken along with everything and everyone in our universe. Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. Letting go of control supports us to enjoy change. It takes our hands of the wheel and unhinges our grip with pictures and beliefs. Trusting God and the Divine plan supports us to go gracefully with change and be flexible and adaptable. The more we can feel and see this the more in the flow we are with all that is true. If we are living in a way that needs to realign, then change is the only way. It can feel hard at times or heavy and confusing but this is because we resist deepening to what is next. When I am asked to change, I can resist sometimes and this can feel difficult. Who wants to change something that has worked and feels comfortable? But yet again has it really worked or has it simply given us a moment to delay or retard an expansion that is needed? Changing our movements, habits, patterns, beliefs and understanding of what is and what is not, is not only important, it is vital if we are to unleash the spirit and let all of individually return back into the oneness of the soul. To change we must first complete what is before us. The completion will then allow an expansion. This is the magic of the universe.

It is time to change. Time to let go of the lies and deception. Time to deepen our connection with God. Time to get really honest and even move in to the absolute truth. If not then when? Why wait? Every second of every day we are changing and returning back to where we once belonged. Back into the arms of God our true reflection. Back into the one that we all are. So breath after breath today and in every moment we have the blessing of change. Shall we embrace it? Why not? It returns us home.

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