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Feeling Social?

In the age of Aquarius, we have a communication tool that extends, like humanity, to all parts of the globe. With this in mind, I have found myself pondering on why we turn to social media and how we use this massive tool.

The obvious reasons being

To check-in

To connect with friends and family

To see what is happening on the planet

To feel connected and engaged with life

To feel a part of something bigger

To feel loved


To seek connection due to loneliness

To avoid purpose

To check out

To evoke emotions

To get involved in others stories and issues

To compare

To distract

To fill the emptiness

To feed an addiction

Since social media revolutionised the way we communicate, we have seen a steep rise in addictions, body dysmorphia, suicide, predators, hatred, comparison, corruption and degradation. We have watched a fall in our standards in society and we have been awakened to the rot and evil that has always existed on planet Earth since humanity arrived.

Social media is a reflection of humanity in all

its hidden and obvious ways of play.

The playground is varied but the players are the same.

People enjoining or reacting to the lies of humanity and

acting out on a self-perpetuated global stage.

People are desperate for recognition and approval,

be it through the illusion of ‘good’ or the flip of the same coin ‘evil’.

We are all players and we are all both predators and victims of its alluring seduction.

The supply and demand is monumental and we are all the contributors to the digital beast.

Why do you use social media?

If we were honest, most would say we use social media to seek something outside of ourselves. To fill the void, emptiness. To distract and entertain. Some would say to get attention, to be noticed and to be confirmed, ‘liked’, ‘loved’ and followed. All are unrewarding attempts to fill the emptiness within that we can only fill ourselves.

Very few people would say they use social media to expose the lies,

to unravel the ideals and to turn creation on its empty head.

Very few would say they post on social media to deconstruct the illusion

and smash the consciousness that runs us unashamedly.

Social media contributes massively to keeping creation on the move

away from the soul and in doing this it guarantees our existence in the eternal unsettlement.

It is time to wake up and smell the stench of the silicon chips!

We are either adding to the rot or exposing it.

What are you contributing to?

Next time you flip your phone from your back pocket and jump onto social media, stop, pause , rewind and clock the reason why you chose to stalk, follow, share, like, tweet or hashtag. Observe your movements. What was your purpose? What were you aligned to?

We have an opportunity as a society to take these platforms and use them to imprint what it is to be social. Flip and spin! Enter the platform with a fire in your heart and belly for all things untrue. Expose the rot. Open your heart. Have purpose in your veins and align to what should be and could be a platform that supports us to share, to awaken, to enrich, to expand and to evolve us. Share what comes through you, no more no less. Remember it is not the content but the quality of what you share. If you react or find yourself competing, comparing or jealous, stop and heal the hurts and reconnect back to what you deeply appreciate about yourself.

Social media is like junk food for our starving hearts, it will never fill the insatiable hunger. Only we can nourish ourselves by aligning to what is true, healing, connecting to our hearts, getting clear and then choosing social media as a tool.

Don't contribute to social media as

a tool of mass destruction and corruption,

but a powerful tool of exposing the rot and

awakening and igniting the soul within.

By using social media as a fiery tool, we can deeply connect to true purpose and shine our magnificent light back into the veins of social media and therefore all of humanity. Can you feel the impact you would have if you used social media as a tool of true connection for humanity and contributed to the bank of love not the bank of corruption and evil?

So go ahead. Keep scrolling, post, like, love, share and contribute, but do it with purpose. The world needs your reflection.

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1 comentario

Patricia Darwish
Patricia Darwish
17 feb 2021

Thank you Kathryn for reminding us the true purpose of social media and for the need to reflect on the energy applied when liking, sharing, loving.

Me gusta
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