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Do you have an issue with commitment? Walk a tread mill.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


A treadmill is the walking machine at the gym that will offer you the opportunity to take a deeper look at your commitment to life. It is a piece of equipment that offers a consistent speed and asks you to maintain a level of equalness and balance in your walk. 

Now. Some people are very earthy and find something physical like a treadmill an easy piece of equipment to master. 

However, there are others on this planet, like myself, that at times, do not find staying grounded and planting our feet on the earth so easy or enticing for that matter. 

If you laugh at the idea of heading to the gym and walking on the treadmill, I am now speaking to you. 

5 Steps to Commit to Life 

Step 1 

Why commit? 

Grab an earthy friend, head to a gym and stand on a treadmill. Go on. Just stand there. Get familiar with the speeds, the movement and purpose. Why have the friend with you? They can offer support and encouragement if you are hesitant. You saying yes to something new is okay. You deciding to look at what gets in the way of you committing to your body, health, work, family and relationships is vital. Be honest and willing to open your wings and try something new. 

Step 2 

Commitment & Consistency 

Begin with the treadmill on a really low speed and begin to walk slowly, and I mean really slowly. Check your balance. Check your rhythm and check your pace. Take your time and stretch your legs out, feel your feet and gain balance. Get comfortable with moving. Being committed to anything requires a movement that is consistent. If you can commit to bad habits you can commit to healthy habits. 

Step 3 

Commitment & Movement  

Start walking at a pace that suits your own personal rhythm. Focus on the flow of your movement and the landing of your feet, making sure that the whole foot lands with even support on the treadmill. Now grab your headphones and find a piece of music that supports you to move with grace and purpose. (Chris James' Album~ Ancient Sands is my choice) It doesn’t have to be fast, it just needs to support you to stay connected to the purpose of why you move. Commitment requires the joy of movement.

Step 4 

Commitment & Purpose 

What is your purpose? For me it is to walk side by side with humanity. To not lag or be waify and slow but be ready to walk the long walk with my brothers and do the job I am here to do. Get the drift? Walking, like everything we do in life, must have purpose. 

Step 4

Commitment & Humanity 

Make a commitment to walking the treadmill regularly. Make a commitment to walking with humanity consistently. Develop your walk in life with appreciation for who you are and your purpose. Get strong and stay delicate. It’s the perfect balance.

Step 5

Commitment & Life 

Tread lightly and in your fullness. Every step counts. Commit. Commit. Commit. To the job. To do the day with every part of who you are. To the quality that you move in. Get your heart rate up because it pumps all of that beautiful oxygen around your body.

Firing up every cell in your body and making your being a temple of living movement.

Practice different speeds and note your balance. Most of all, always remember to have fun, show us your walking style and know that you are needed here on earth every single day walking this planet with all of humanity. 

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1 Comment

Elizabeth Douglas
Elizabeth Douglas
Jul 13, 2020

There are no coincidences only the magic of God. Purpose in everything. A joy to read and feel for this morning in been honest with myself asking for support with deepening my relationship with intimacy. The first time I open this page Love Camp Feel Your Fire. Especially the first one I read this morning I don't miss you when you're gone. Much appreciation for how the universe provides.

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