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Heaven on Wheels ~ Wash & Go.

It’s not a hard task to wash your car. So what stops us from washing our cars and keeping them beautifully clean and cared for regularly?

Do you love your car?

Do you have a relationship with your car?

Your car represents your body in motion.

Speed Queen. Slow Turtle. Swift & Playful. Tentative Traveller.

New. Old. 4Wheel Drive. LUX. Sensible.

Whatever your flavour, it’s you, on wheels.

You in the world. You with humanity.


Does washing your car expose how you truly care for your own body?

7 Ways to appreciate who you are whilst washing your car.

Your Internal world. The car interior.

1. STOP.

Take a long gentle breath, grab a big box and a rubbish bag. Head to your car and remove everything from it, including everything from the boot. Everything. The rubbish goes in the rubbish bin and everything else is to be placed in the box, to be taken away or returned after the car has been cleaned. This is you letting go of all your past and all your future. Bringing the present to this moment. Placing everything you have in order and discarding what no longer serves you. Stop. Revive. Survive.


Remove the outer world from your inner world.

Two approaches; either vacuum the car at home or at the car wash for a small price. Either way, suck it up! Clean that carpet with all your love and attention to detail. Lift the soil and dust and all that comes in and out of the car each day from your feet. Remove the outer world from your inner body. LET GO. It’s not yours. Attention to detail. Feel it. Clear it.



Like a beautiful fresh shower supports us to let go of the day, so too does a cleanse of the inside of the car. Take a cloth, sprayed with your favourite scent and glide it over every single surface within the interior of your car. Lavender oil or vanilla spray can work a treat! Clean and polish it all, this includes all surfaces, the seats, doors, front dashboard, and steering wheel. Ready to be more transparent? Spray a window cleaner on all the internal windows. Let the light out baby! Be willing to lighten up your whole vehicle and be willing to shine. Lighten up. Be seen. Shine.


Set Foundations

Place what you need in the car to support you to move gracefully in the world. A

box in the boot of essentials. A selection of goodies in the glove box to keep you prepared. Be willing to have a beautiful space for you to be in, whilst you drive. Have a vehicle that is fresh and clean for visiting passengers to feel comfortable and held in.

Set your standards high.

Maintain a beautifully clear and tidy internal world.

Once you turn your engine off

take a look around and remove what

does not belong in your car.

Every. Single. Day.

That way, you will return to the car

and feel the clarity and simplicity

you have left it in.

Your external world ~ The car exterior.



Clean the body of your car every single week. Drive to the car wash and make a hot date of it. A few dollars in the manual cleaning area buys you a dance with a soap brush and a fabulous fiery moment with a water gun. Come on! Is there anything more thrilling than removing mud from a hub cap? Remember that you are cleaning your vehicle of expression. Your car represents the way you move in life. Clean it with as much love and appreciation as you should give yourself. Celebrate your unique flavour and check out that body! Strong, supportive, solid, and a way of moving the being in the body from one place to the next. Be wise with your body.

You are magnificent and your car is your

other worldly calling car on wheels!

It takes you places.

Places to visit and connect with people,

places to ponder and understand, places beyond words

and beyond the slow pace of the human body.

It is strong, fast, and hopefully a super

reliable flying machine without wings.

Give your car a moment of your precious time.

Treat it with love and care.

Appreciate your car and appreciate

your own sacred body.

They are one and the same thing.


Change gear and take it to the next level. Once the water play has finished grab a big soft cloth and get busy drying and polishing. Go to every curve and every corner and give your automobile a magical moment. Your car deserves a massage, does it not? The way you touch and clean your car reflects the way to touch and clean your whole body. Hmmm. So do you do it with love, care, and deep connection or like it’s a chore? Develop a loving relationship with your car regardless of its age, type, and status. Express this love in your movements. Love. Care. Connection.



Get to know your own vehicle and what every part of it represents to you. The windows, what are you willing to see? The doors, the way you enter a situation, your access, your doorways to other dimensions. The way you drive, the way you approach life. The front bumper bar, the lights, the boot, the rearview mirror, what do they all represent to you?

Celebrate the fact that your human body and

your car are intrinsically linked and that there is a beautiful

way to know yourself via your car if you dare to feel and see this.

Be playful, enjoy the roundabout of life and your choices, as they are always offering us an opportunity to move with the universal flow. Celebrate. Appreciate. Confirm.

Once you wash your car, step back, and feel the love and magic that you made. The purpose, and the joy of washing and cleaning an extension of you, your car, in the world.

Our cars, like our own bodies in motion, deserve to be driven with grace and poise. They deserve the best fuel, ongoing services and to be consistently washed inside and out, appreciated, and celebrated for carrying us and all our friends and families throughout this journey we call life.

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