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It is common, but it is not normal.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

It is common to drink coffee, everybody does it, but it is not normal. Our systems don’t like the caffeine.

It is common to drink alcohol, but it is not normal. Alcohol is a poison and a toxic assault to the body.

It is common to argue with our partners and children, but it is not normal to speak with any harshness to a loved one or any human being for that matter.

It is common to think our children are ours, but it is not normal, because they are not ours. Children are beings that we support to grow and evolve, we do not own them, they are already whole and have been here countless times before, as we have too.

It is common to watch pornography and it is not normal to watch consensual rape and consider that entertainment and acceptable. It is normal to want to make love with intimacy and deep connection with another.

It is common to hold back our expression for fear of being shut down or reprimanded or bullied, but it is not normal to hold back the truth and therefore live in a way that is contracted. Silence is consent.

It is common to feel stressed at school from the age of five and further up into university, but it is not normal to consider that recall is greater and smarted than our inner wisdom that we are all born with.

It is common for girls as young as 9 to have eating disorders due to the world and social media imposing images upon them of how they should look and be. It is also common for women that are mothers to loath their bodies so therefore, model this belief to their children. But it not normal to think that you as a woman are anything less than sacred and from heaven in all your unique beauty.

It is common for people to overeat and feel unhealthy and tired but it is not normal to abuse our own bodies.

It is common for people to work out of duty and live for the weekend but it is not normal for people to not want to be a part of society as a participant to support others. Are we not all born to take part in the workings of the world? We are needed everywhere.

It is common for people to live like there is only this life, in ignorance and disregard for the magnificence of the recycling of reincarnation. However, it is normal to feel that we have been here before and will be here again until we all leave together.

It is common to have anxiety and it is not normal to worry about whether you know how to live your own life.

It is common for boys to feel they have to 'man up' and harden up to be a man, but not normal when they are so tender and sensitive being their true beautiful selves.

We all have one thing in common, living the human experience in bodies that are stressed and exhausted. This is common, but it is not normal.

It is normal to be born into a world that is deeply beautiful and live a life of great purpose together in harmony with all other beings. This is normal and one day it will exist here on earth, but until such time, it is common to play the human game, stay irresponsible and forget who we are.

When will it change?

It is up to us. Ask yourself with every little thing, is this common or normal? How do I play my part in this game and what am I aligning to?

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