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You made your bed ~ now lie in it.

Never underestimate the miracles that can occur when making a bed. What, you say? Making my bed can have an amazing effect on my life? Imagine that you are your bed. How would you care for it? Take a moment to peel back the covers and have a look at the way you make your bed. You just might find it surprising.

Clear the bed.

Did you know that throughout the night you have tossed and turned in a bed, dreaming, snoring, rolling, sweating and more. You have actually moved in your bed but you have also energetically lived in your bed for 8 hours and that is something that needs to be cleared.

This also includes the fact that you may sleep with another person or children, or sometimes even pets.

Smooth the sheets.

So sit down and get super still before you begin. We don't want any racy, rushed energy with this activity now do we?

Start with smoothing every part of your sheets by first taking the corners off and giving the sheet and mattress protector, if you have one, a good shake. Enjoy lifting it up high and lowering it gently and placing it smoothly back on the bed. You are letting go of the night and rebooting the day.

Repair the layers.

Now take all the covers off the bed, all the duvets and blankets and gently pull them all back up making sure that they are placed square on the bed. This is supporting you to stay centred and holding. Feel how lovely it is to smooth them all down.

Tuck in

Take a moment to tuck all the corners in so the whole bed is smooth and neat. Enjoy being clear and complete with yourself and others.

Placement of pillows.

You don’t think it matters? It does. It all matters. Your attention to detail will reflect how you are in the world. The care and consideration for the way you order and place your pillows exposes the way you feel the spaciousness and order in your every day movements and life. Be purposeful. Smooth them over.

Next level.

Just like you love to groom, dress or apply body cream or jewellery, now take a piece of scarf or a small piece of clothing, eye pillows, what ever it is that you love and place it on the bed to remind you of your preciousness and beauty.

What’s your purpose?

When you know what your purpose is here on earth, then you will be more inclined to honour the space where you sleep. What if we all understood that we sleep to rejuvenate and then we wake to work.

What if our purpose here on earth is to awaken to awaken.

The world needs us to stay connected with ourselves and humanity, to be loving of ourselves and others and to walk every step of the day knowing that we are all here to awaken, unlearn the games of life and return to who we are, together. Now if that’s not purpose enough, than what is? So then it makes sense to have a deep restful sleep and a be refreshed and ready for the whole day, from the moment you can feel your body gentle rise.

Rise & Shine?

Rise to the day and shine like the sun. Every single day, just like the sun. Stay consistent. our bodies love this rhythm. The body loves to rest early in the evening and get up early. Allow wind down time in the evening and magic time in the morning to reflect and appreciate all that you are.

Night wear.

Just a word on this. What are you wearing to bed? If it's not soft and simply gorgeous than what are you doing? The night time is your moment of glory. It’s the time when you go to your inner temple, check in with God and all the angels and heal your body from the day. It’s the time you realign to where you came from and refresh your soul and your souls purpose. So then, what are you doing wearing an old t-shirt and baggy tracksuit pants? Choose night wear that truly supports you to be still and warm and connected. Roll your beautiful night wear up, pyjamas, nighty or whatever it is that you love to wear to bed and place it gently behind or in-between the pillows. Keep it all fresh and clean.


What you do in your bed should be loving, gentle and non imposing. Don't discuss anything too heavy, go for a walk for that conversation. Confirm the day and embrace the mornings, keep the bed as a sacred space.

The whole room.

So you have made your bed and it feels glorious. The sheets are smooth and the pillows are fluffed. But what about the whole room? Is it clear of clutter? Is it simple and holding and still? Does it support you to move freely and with the beautiful quality of love and deep care that you are building upon and within?

Your bedroom reflects your relationship with your sacred self,

nourish and cultivate this ~ you deserve it

Every day as you clear and tidy your room and take care of all the finer details, you are saying yes to your relationship with your body and your soul. You are saying yes to the joy and appreciation of being in a space that holds you. You are also supporting your whole family with this because in truth what we do for ourselves we do for others.

You are loving you when you are loving your bedroom. So why not keep it in order and continually clear the stale energy that it can gather, which prevents you from feeling the loveliness of who you truly are. Remember you are a product of your choices and what you are aligning to, your bedroom and your bed represents you. When you are responsible for what you choose, than you can truly enjoy the saying… you make your bed and you lie in it.

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1 Comment

Thank you for this incredible sharing Kathryn. Since reading it, I have purchased beautiful soft and silky sheets, new nightwear that reflects more of me and new supportive pillows. I have also upped by bed making and night-time ritual with lightening a candle and heating eye and body pillow for my body to support settling into the space to be with my should.

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